It's a wrap ... for now

GoRuCo 2007 is over. 120 attendees, 6 speakers (plus a bunch of lightning talks), and an afterparty that closed out the bar … all the organizers are pretty wiped out, but happy we got to host everyone.

Bryan and jpreardon have some early livebloggage going on, and further links should go into tagged goruco2007. Also, we’ve got photos up on Flickr already. Just remember, kids: What happens at GoRuCo stays at GoRuCo. No, just kidding. Well, halfway kidding.

As for the future, we’ll see. We’re all interested in keeping this going, but as to what shape future conferences will take, time will tell. But we’ve definitely got more planned. Watch this space.

Posted by Francis Hwang on Apr 22, 2007

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